Monday, April 16, 2012

Water Being Delivered In Ndandini Kenya

This project started in September 2007 when a group of travelers from Canada visited Ndandini and realized how poor the area is and how desperately they needed a source of clean water.  Now, because of the support and generosity of many individual donors, almost 30 Rotary Clubs in countries around the world, and the members of St. Hilda's Anglican Church (in Sechelt BC Canada), we are finally able to deliver clean water from the well we provided in June 2010 to the 6 schools in the area.  The water tanks at these schools will also provide clean water to all the 3000+ villagers.

Here are a few photos that sum it all up.

 Every day each family goes to the dry riverbed and scoops in the sand until they reach water, which is polluted because of the animals that also seek that water.

In June 2010 we drilled a deep borehole for water and succeeded.  The borehole can produce over 19,000 litres of water an hour.  We then installed a generator and pump and 3 large water tanks with 48,000 litres of storage capacity.

On March 23 we delivered the tractor and bowser to the village (see previous post).  The bowser can carry 7,500 litres of water with each load.  Here you see the water bowser being filled with clean water at the well site.

The tractor pulling the bowser loaded with clean water.  This delivery is at the Community Garden in Ndandini (another of our projects where we have installed a large drip-irrigation greenhouse and a small building where volunteers who go to help at the village can stay for a few nights).

The last remaining work on this project is to install the final 3 water tanks at the last 3 schools.  This work should be completed within the next month.

Once again,   THANK YOU to ALL our donors everywhere!


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