Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ndandini Update as of October 2/10

It has been 4 weeks since our group attended the dedication ceremonies at Ndandini. And even though we are all now back home in Canada, Denmark and Nairobi things are continuing to happen.

The seeds have been planted in the greenhouse and garden at the Ndandini Primary School. There is much excitement waiting for them to sprout.

Our Project Manager Duncan is making plans to return to Ndandini on October 12th to complete the fencing around the well site.

From October 5th to 10th Aksel Neilsen, from our partner Rotary Club in Aalborg/Stigsborg Denmark, is presenting "The Ndandini Water Project Story" to the European Rotary Institute being held in Denmark. We are hoping that the exposure will bring more interest from other Rotary Clubs in what we are trying to do with our project concept.

This past weekend, Silas Oswe was at the Ndandini Primary School providing some computer and internet training for the teachers so that they can make better use of the computer which we provided for the school.

From October 12th to 15th, Greg Jewett, from our partner Rotary Club in Saint John New Brunswick Canada, and Jon MacNeil, a reporter from the Saint John Telegraph Journal, will be going out to Ndandini. While there they will help with the fencing project and also provide some additional computer training sessions for the teachers. They will also likely do some lessons for the school kids as well.

Joan Merrick, who visited Ndandini back in September 2007 and again with us last month, is working on putting together a scholarship project which we hope will result in there being donor funding made available to allow promising students to attend secondary school - young people who otherwise could not afford the us$120 per year which the government does not subsidize - and give them a chance to advance beyond the life of poverty which otherwise would overtake them.

I am working on trying to create a project to bring solar power to the secondary school so that we can also install a computer lab there. I am hopeful that we will be able to attract a couple of Rotary Clubs to undertake this project.

And just yesterday I received an offer from a person in Nairobi, who discovered our blog and has been following it, to create a website for the people of Ndandini so that their story and progress can be told to the web world.

All the support from our various donors, partners and followers is much appreciated.

Stay tuned for more news.

The ball is starting to roll.


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