Thursday, April 28, 2011


Our plans to create another Rotary Project to distribute the potable water from the Ndandini well so that the 3000+ people living near Kyaithani Village can get access to the precious water have moved several steps further in the past month.

We have put together the proposal for a plan (total cost approximately us$62,500) which has been now been accepted by The Rotary Foundation.  The proposal would see us install water tanks at the 6 schools in the Ndandini area and provide a tractor and water wagon to deliver the potable water from the Ndandini well to each school.  1200 schoolchildren will benefit from this every day.  We also aim to install 3 more water tanks in locations around the village area so that we will reach all 3000+ villagers.

We will need us$25,000 in donations for this project.  Once we raise that amount (hopefully by July 1, 2011) we can then apply to The Rotary Foundation for grants totalling us$37,500 which will provide the total funding for the project.

We have already secured us$5,000 and are actively seeking partners for the additional us$20,000.

If you can help, email for additional information.


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