Saturday, August 20, 2016

Computer Labs now installed!

We are so happy to have seen the progress made these past several weeks with the installation of the computer labs at Kyaithani and Lower Yatta secondary schools.  Each lab has 20 student Aleutia T1 computers and 1 teacher Aleautia R50 server computer, all networked together and connected to the internet by satellite.
The desks and solar system arrive
Custom built desks and benches

Secured cabinets for the solar batteries
Excitement is building!!

Panels for the new solar system
As well, each lab is powered by its own solar system, and each lab is outfitted with custom built desks and benches so that up to 40 students can easily have shared access to the 20 computers.
The lab at Lower Yatta awaits its computers

The computers being installed with the desks at Kyaithani
Next week Kenya Connect will be conducting training sessions for the teachers and some students from the two secondary schools.

Everyone is so excited!

Thank you to all the donors and supporters of this Rotary Global Grant.

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