Thursday, July 22, 2010

The new Generator Building is well underway, piping soon to be done

During the past two weeks our project manager Duncan camped out at the village and made great progress on getting the generator building well under construction.  The foundation and all walls are now complete and the roof has been prepared ready for the cement to be added in another week (after the walls have properly cured).

We have completed the design work for the piping between the borehole and the three storage tanks and let the contract for that work.

Duncan will be returning to Ndandini at the end of next week, approximately July 30, to complete the generator building and the piping contractor will install all the pipes under his supervision. 

Then we will finally be ready for the installation of the pump and generator so that we can get water out of our deep well!  It will be a grand day!!  Wish that we could all be there to see the storage tanks get filled for the first time.  We do not yet know the exact day that that will happen but we are expecting that it will be the 2nd or 3rd week of August, definitely before the September 5th dedication day for the well.

The goal is in sight.


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