Sunday, August 8, 2010

Now Ready for the Pump and Generator

After another hard week of work at Ndandini, our project manager Duncan and his workers have completed the generator building.

The plumbing contractor that we engaged has also been to the village and completed all the piping that will deliver the water from the borehole to the three storage tanks and ultimately to the distribution kiosk.

We are glad to report that the shallow well is producing clear potable water.

One of our donors, St. Hilda's Anglican Church (Sechelt BC Canada) is using their donation to purchase and install a 8x15m greenhouse and drip irrigation system for the Ndandini Primary School.  This "Amiran Farmer's Kit" will be picked up on August 13th and its installation will begin the next day.

So both the pump/generator and the greenhouse will be installed by the end of August.

Plans are well underway for the September 5th village celebration and dedication of the well and greenhouse.  So far we have a group of 12 coming to the village with us, along with a contingent of Rotarians from the Nairobi Industrial Area Rotary Club (our partner club from Kenya on this project).

Jan & I leave for Kenya on August 16th and I will be in Ndandini on August 20th for a week to work with the Ndandini Water Project Management Committee as we commission the water and get procedures set in place.

Keep watching for the exciting progress that will be made over the next couple of weeks!


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