Saturday, November 20, 2010


Ndandini Village WILL have their volunteer community garden!  Because of the success of the well, the support of all the Rotary clubs in our Matching Grant project, and other donors to date, and the willingness of the Ndandini community to work to help themselves, a very generous donor has stepped forward to fund the majority of the cost of the community garden project.  For this we and the villagers are VERY grateful.

Just take a look at the wonderful progress that the school is making with their first tomato and spinach crop, planted less than two months ago!  Already you can see large and small green tomatoes getting ready to ripen on the vines.

It is also wonderful to see the students actively participating in looking after the outside drip-irrigation garden.  Look at the size of those spinach plants!

If you would like to be a part of helping us help these willing villagers and students improve their lives, you can do so by clicking on the "Donate" area at the top right of this blog.  Everyone's contribution helps.  It could be the best Christmas gift that you will give this year.

And if you would like to help us provide scholarships to 20 students at the local high school, you can do that too by visiting our scholarship blog and donating there.  How many of your friends and family would be glad that you helped a student in Ndandini go to school rather than buying that extra little gift that they didn't really need?  You can get a tax receipt (for Canadian tax returns) for either donation.

Go to  to read about the scholarship fund.



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