Monday, November 8, 2010

Scholarship Fund Launched to Assist Ndandini area students attend Kyaithani Secondary School

Joan Merrick was among the initial visitors to Ndandini in September 2007.   She was impressed by the eagerness of the the women and children to educate themselves and improve their lives and futures.  She was also devastated by the realization that their poverty and the lack of support for the community was dooming them.

Joan became an active supporter of the Ndandini Water Project and in September 2010 revisited Ndandini for the dedication of the now operating well.  While there Joan toured the five primary schools and the one secondary school in the Ndandini area.  She met with many of the students and the principal, Kimali.

Kimali himself was originally a student of this area.  He went on to a teaching career and has now returned to help educate the children of the area.  He has also become the Chairman of the Ndandini Water Project, and is leading an initiative to coordinate the educational activities of the six schools in the area to encourage more students to complete higher levels of learning.

Joan returned to Canada with the desire to organize a scholarship program to help.  We are so happy to see more people taking an active role in helping the Ndandini area.

Please visit the scholarship fund blog for more information about the fund.  I encourage you to spread the word about this worthwhile project. 

Visit where you can make a donation and receive a receipt for your Canadian tax return.

This scholarship program is also being supported by the Rotary Clubs of Belleville (Ontario) and Sunshine Coast-Sechelt (BC).


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