Thursday, January 19, 2012

YouTube 13 minute summary of project successes since Sept 2007

Here is a brand new YouTube video that summarizes all our project work at Ndandini and Kyaithani over the past 4+ years.

See what we saw when we first visited in September 2007.  Watch as we work towards the well and finally hit water.  Watch the first drip irrigation greenhouse installed at Ndandini Primary School and see the fantastic crop of tomatoes that they have grown.  See the solar system installed at Kyaithani secondary school, installation of their internet-enabled PC and the nine students who have received scholarships from our donors.  Look at the huge new greenhouse that has been installed on the one acre community garden plot as well as the new basic volunteer building waiting for people like you to come and help these villagers.  To finish up, see the new water tanks at the 6 schools and the tractor that will pull the bowser to deliver potable water from the well to each of the schools for the students and all the villagers in the area.

Its a great way to catch up if you are new to our project and a great refresher for all our donors.

Thanks again for your fantastic support that has made all this possible!

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