Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tractor and Bowser Photos

The Ndandini Water Distribution Project is nearing completion.  See photos below of the tractor and bowser (and more at the bottom of this blog).

The tractor is being registered (licensed) and has been fitted with a satellite and cellular phone based anti-theft tracking unit.  The bowser is nearing completion of its fabrication and its registration has been applied for. 

We have all seven bases for the water tanks constructed - one at the community garden site and one at each of the six schools.  We have also already installed water tanks at 4 of these sites, so those are ready for the water to be delivered! That means that we only have 3 more tanks to install, get the bowser fabrication complete, and then get the tractor and bowser delivered so the driver can start delivering the much anticipated water.

However, we have run over budget.  The reasons are due to the devaluation of the Kenyan shilling with the resulting inflation, and our decision to increase the size of the bowser so that we can deliver 50% more water every day to the 3000+ villagers at essentially the same tractor operating costs.

We need another us$6500 to allow us to install the last 3 tanks.  If you can help in any way, please contact me or use the "donate" area to make an online donation. 

Thanks for all your support to help us bring water to the villagers of Ndandini and Kyaithani.

Here are a few more little bits of information for you to think about:

1.  the much anticipated rains failed and the hoped for crops have not developed resulting in widespread food shortage in the Ndandini area and negatively impacting incomes and the ability of families to pay school fees to send their children to school.  Read some moving letters from some Kyaithani Secondary School students on our other blog

2.  Here is an excerpt from a recent email we received from one of the teachers at Kyaithani Secondary School. Amongst other things it clearly shows how much the students are looking forward to having the water delivered to the school:

"Its amazing and wonderfull to learn about life in Canada. I wonder how you survive in such an hostile climate? Then you must find Kenya too hot! Such climatical conditions are part of what we teach our students and to them and even us it sounds mystery.
Its now 13.05 pm and our students are out for lunch. part of whom have found themselves in the photos in the computer and have not believed it.
Very soon you will be receiving emails from our students who are eargerly learning the computer. The tanks have been installed in the school and from the water we are expecting to get, the students have suggested that we plant vegetables to supplement their diet. The beneficieries of the scolarships are doing quite well in their academics and as teachers we have high expectations on their performance.
We have plans to take our students for a trip in Nairobi to expose them to some places like museum, animal orphanage, bomas of kenya and other place we feel relevant. our prayers is that our parents will be able to finance the trip.
We are lucky to have a very supportive and loving principal who ever since has offered guidance to both the students and teachers. We are in the process of registering our first candidates for the National examination. Hows the education system structured in Canada? this will be their final exam afterwhich those who qualify will be selected to join universties late next year.
The research I did using the computer was based on the school based chalenges that affect performance in the primary school sector in my district. I will send it to you and you get to know the hindrances to good performance among the pupils in our place.
I guess its at night in canada when we are enjoying sunshine here and therefore I wish you a well continued sleep. Thanks and God bless you"
Alex Musembi, (teacher) Kyaithani Secondary School

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