Friday, May 24, 2013

Rotarians choose to give water instead of eating!

We have had a good immediate response to our request to provide $20 donations with each donation delivering a 7,500 litre tanker load of potable water to schools in the Ndandini/Kyaithani area of Kenya. And we have already sent $720 to provide for water for the 6 schools for the months of May and June.

I suggested to our local Rotary Club that members might consider giving up their weekly meal at our Rotary Club meeting and donating that $20 for a load of water instead.  At that meeting our club members spontaneously donated over $250!  Several more also donated monthly amounts online on this site.  We now have several members who have agreed to donate the $20 each week instead of eating at our club meeting.

We welcome everyone who would like to help us.  Perhaps there are other Rotary clubs that might like to take this on as well?

The six schools each need 3 ($20) loads of water per month in order to provide the 1200 students with the minimum of 4 litres of potable water per day recommended by WHO.  There is also a great need to provide potable water to the rest of the 5000+ villagers in the area who are subsistence farmers with essentially no income.

Any help is appreciated. 

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