Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rotary Clubs provoide drinking water for students for a month. Please join us.

UPDATE:  Individual donors are continuing to donate $20 to help provide a load of drinking water to a school.  Every $20 helps us meet the requirement for 18 loads each month.

We now have two Rotary Clubs that have decided to support us by sponsoring a whole month of water deliveries.  Two Rotary Clubs on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia Canada have each donated $500!  Thank you RC Gibsons and RC Sunshine Coast-Sechelt.

If you or your Rotary Club would like to help us, click on the donate button on this website (or send an email to me at for an address where you can send your cheque.)

Thanks for all your interest and support as we endeavor to keep providing drinking water to these 1200+ students in the Ndandini, Kyaithani, Muusini, Ndunguni, and Nthilani area of eastern Kenya.


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