Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ndandini gets help from Denmark. A water pipeline is coming.

A self-help community-based organization (Inyamandu) in Kitui near Ndandini has been successful in securing some funding from the Kenyan government's CDTF (Community Development Trust Fund) which in turn gets funding from DANIDA (the Danish International Development Agency).

This funding is intended to build a water pipeline from the well site, that was provided by a Rotary project in 2010, to a new large 100,000 litre water tank in the village of Kyaithani - about 5km from the well.

This pipeline will make the well a major part of the future and ongoing water supply and distribution system for the whole area.  The report that Inyamandu submitted to CDTF indicates the potential to eventually make the water available to up to 9 area villages (subject to further funding).

Construction has already begun on the 1.7km portion from the well site to the one acre Community Garden (where our donors bought land and provided a large drip irrigation greenhouse in 2011).

It is wonderful to see donor support growing and extending beyond our own donor community!

It is wonderful to see our initial investment in the well site now becoming such a key part of the area's future!

Thanks again everyone for all your support since we started this humanitarian venture way back in September 2007.  Its great what we have accomplished, yet there is still so much more that we can do. 

Once you go there you know how little they have and how much we all take for granted every day. The villagers would love to have you come.  A small group from Canada just visited in September (their first visit to Africa) and already they are talking about going back.  Come along with us some time and see for yourself.

All the best to all of you over this Christmas season.  God Bless Us, Everyone!

Terry & Jan

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