Monday, May 31, 2010

May 30 drilling rig heads to Nandini

Sunday was a travel day - long and hot. We expected to arrive around 4pm but it was 10 pm and the drilling rig and support vehicles were still 2 hours behind us.
The problems included 2 broken fan belts and burst radiator hose but nevertheless we arrived and several of the community were there to welcome us in the dark with singing dancing and hot tea.
The last roads into Ndandini have been badly damaged and rutted by the heavy rains in the last couple of months - they are also very narrow so we know the drilling rig will be challenged getting into the drilling site.
We walked the last kilometre to the drilling site put up the tent and sank into the sleeping bags ~sank might be an overstatement the ground is very hard and dry!
Tomorrow will be the day we have been waiting for ~but Ndandini Village has been waiting for so much longer ~ they are so happy.
Terry and Jan

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