Saturday, May 29, 2010


Well (no pun intended) we arrived safely in Nairobi around 11pm Friday night.  Today has been technically challenging as we try to get phones working with Safaricom so that we can email from Ndandini using the cell phone and keep the blog going while we are in Ndandini.  The skies were blue with some clouds and the temperature comfortable - especially when the sun was behind the clouds!

We met with our Project Manager Duncan Kamau today and made sure we were all on track with where we are and next week's plans.  We heard from the Reverend in Ndandini - there has been a little rain but no problems anticipated in moving the equipment into Ndandini.  Duncan was also a great help with Safaricom - they all speak English but when things get crazy everyone lapses into Swahili and I could not keep up with my little Swahili phrase book (I am doing fine with Hello Welcome Thank You and Good Bye!).  Duncan wanted to take us to the chemist to get malaria medicine  but we assured him we had looked after that before leaving Canada.

 We have purchased our dry food supplies from the local Nakumat supermarket and leave Nairobi at 10am tomorrow (Sunday) morning.  We will meet up with the Naivasha Drilling at the Machakos turnoff at 12 noon - then lead them to Ndandini where they will set up their drilling equipment and may even start drilling Sunday night.  The time is drawing near -we wish that all of you - Ndandini's great supporters, could be here with us - although by the time we've been without a shower for a few days you will be glad that you are not here, or at least not near us!  We will stay in touch as long as we can get the phone working!
Jan & Terry

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