Saturday, May 29, 2010

on the road to ndandini with the drilling rig

Here we are sitting at the police check point in mikuyuni waiting for the drilling rig the land rover and the lorry loaded with the well casings and drill stems to catch up to us. It's been a case of hurry up and wait today.
We left Nairobi at 10 30 this morning with Duncan and George the taxi driver. We stopped at the turnoff for Machakos to wait for the drilling rig~~they arrived about 2.30

It's now 6:45 and getting dark and cool and we are only at the turn off for the start of the dirt road which will be amost impossible in the dark. George was supposed to be driving back to Nairobi tonight. We do kmow that they stopped to purchase gravel on the way (some of you may remember seeing the folks along the side of the road sitting on the floor manually pounding the large rocks into small pebbles) They also had to hand pump the diesel since the gas station had no power ~ yes we're on Kenyan time. Looks like we might have a long night ahead.
Terry and Jan

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