Monday, June 7, 2010

Our Last day in Kenya This Trip

The sun is rising on another beautiful morning in Nairobi ~we can hear the birds singing (along with the baby in the next room) .
There are excited tourists wandering the hotel grounds waiting for their vehicles to arrive to take them through this beautiful country of Kenya to see the incredible wild animals and birds in parks like Amboseli and Tsavo ~and the annual migration of the wildebeest and zebra in the Masai Mara. Meanwhile we are thinking about the villagers of Ndandini walking down the dusty path to the well site with their donkey if they have one to fill their jerry cans from the hand pump of the shallow well that YOU have given them.

We have minutes ago received an update from the well pump test still in progress in Ndandini ~the pumping has been increased to 18 000 litres per hour and has been sustained!
What an amazing and emotional time this has been for us all.

This morning we must finish packing for the long trip home ~after planning the events of the last 2 weeks for so long we can hardly believe that it's time to return to Canada ~but return we must for there is so much to do to get the deep well put into production and additional steps taken to help Ndandini move forward with projects like the drip irrigation and the solar lighting for the primary school.

It is an amazing ride we have all shared this last 2 weeks and we will continue to update this blog for you.
Before we leave Nairobi tonight we plan to visit the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage where for as little as 50 dollars a year you can sponsor a baby elephant and gt monthly updates ~the work they do with the baby elephants who are hurt from falling into hand dug holes which people have dug looking for water - or who have lost mothers due to poaching and other issues ~a wonderful foundation who for many years have been doing a great job. Should you make it to Kenya don't miss the daily 11am chance to visit ~such an educational experience and SO enjoyable watching these baby elephants being fed and acting up like babies everwhere.
Jan and Terry

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