Monday, June 7, 2010

Significant Slogans

It was September 2007 when we first visited Ndandini "Village". After seeing their dire plight firsthand we knew that without water they would forever be stuck in this barren backwater (so to speak) of society. So we promised to try to bring this small village area water.
In those first early days we thought about all the NGO and other government and charitable organizations which have laboured for many years to bring help to similar villages. We decided to try to create a model framework to utilize as much of all this knowledge and experience as possible. From this our One Village At A Time theme and dream came to life.
This dream encompasses much more than just drilling a well in Ndandini. It sees bringing a better life to the people of Ndandini and hopefully becoming a successful model that can be copied by others to do the same for many other villages "One Village At A Time".

It was in 2008 that the Sunshine Coast-Sechelt Rotary Club joined with us in this idea. That year the Rotary International organization had a slogan to Make Dreams Real. When that slogan was announced for the upcoming 12 months it was a real personal motivator. We already had a dream for Ndandini - now just make that dream real!
Twelve months later Rotary International comes out with the slogan The Future of Rotary is In Your Hands. Equally true was that the future of many things is "in your hands". Our Ndandini dream - the Rotary matching grant funding challenge - and each of our own lives.
We want to thank each of you for taking the future into your hands and helping.
For the next 12 months this is the Rotary slogan. They could not have chosen a more appropriate slogan!
Because of the huge amount of water that we all helped discover we do indeed have a fantastic opportunity to build a community in not just Ndandini but also several nearby villages. Our current project supporters and donors come from many continents thanks to the marvels of the internet. Who ever would have thought that "www." could bring us all together?
As we consider the possible ways that we can best leverage all the water that has been bestowed on the Ndandini area I hope that everyone will think about how they can help by Building Communities - Bridging Continents.
There are many exciting potential projects beginning to emerge. They will need champions and supporters to make them real and spread one village at a time.


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