Monday, June 7, 2010

June 7 Water Flow Testing - amazing success

It's Monday night in Nairobi and we know you are all waiting to find out what is happening with the water from the borehole that has been drilled with your support in Ndandini.
The project plan was optimistically based on (1) finding water in Ndandini and (2) getting a flow of 5000 litres an hour.
The flow test equipment is currently on site in Ndandini (getting the equipment to Ndandini was enough for a comic horror movie that left us waiting at the village for over 2 days). As I write this huge volumes of water are being run into the Tiva river in Ndandini´by the testing pumps ~there has been a sustained flow of nearly 15 000 litres per hour! And it may be even higher. We were looking for water for Ndandini Village (perhaps 800 people). It now looks like we may have found enough water for the much larger community area none of whom currently have water (perhaps upwards of 3000 people).

The water has not yet been analyzed but it appears to be clear and not salty. The water analysis results will be available next week.
The villagers are ecstatic and can really not believe that all of this water is coming from 300 feet beneath their feet.
Today we have met with the water pump and generator suppliers in Nairobi ~David and Shirtliff ~to discuss our original quote for pumping ~the current tentative pump test results ~and the potential changes if at some point this massive flow of water needs to be extended to the entire community ~none of whom have water. But the existing funded (Rotary matching grant project) plan is only for NDANDINI village and does not currently have funds to extend the water to the community at large.

To resolve how to get this gift of water to all the other people in the neighbouring area who need it will become the next project which we hope one or more of our partner clubs will champion. For now we are ensuring that we are putting in place the equipment (pump generator and piping) to allow for future expansion and distribution of the water to the community at large without restricting this expansion potential ~ can you help? This is a great opportunity and the water is already confirmed and available. It just needs to be pumped to these poverty stricken dry areas. We have collected some preliminary design and cost estimates for two stages of expansion. We also have the interest and support of the area administrative government officials.
Today we also visited Amiran Kenya to confirm the details and costs to install a greenhouse and drip irrigation system for Ndandini primary school and for a Ndandini community garden ~another succesful project waiting to happen.
Now let's also not forget the opportunity for solar energy in Ndandini ~we met with the solar division of David and Shirtliff to discuss technical feasibility and costs to install solar power for a couple of classrooms with 2 laptop computers in these classrooms. Remember that this is a school with no windows or doors and dirt floors in each class room ~but there is an opportunity to help Ndandini children to move forward.
So are you excited now ~there are so many opportunities in Ndandini ~please take time tonight to feel proud for the part you have played in helping Ndandini to find water. Now we all need to think about how we can each help Ndandini to move forward ~we have the knowlege expertise and money to do this!
Remember - we CAN Build Communities and Bridge Continents "One Village At A Time" starting with Ndandini Village.

Terry and Jan

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